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July-August 2015 Issue of The NT Insider Released!

OSR Seminar Schedule   Last Updated: 09-Jul-15  (Read 26948 times)

Writing WDF Drivers: Advanced Implementation Techniques   Last Updated: 03-Sep-14  (Read 13216 times)

Instant Online Crash Dump Analyzer   Last Updated: 03-Sep-10  (Read 55158 times)

Online Crash Analyzer Got a crash dump? Analyze it instantly online (and for free) using OSR's Instant Online Crash Dump Analyzer.  Accepts mini-dumps and kernel summary dumps... you can even zip and upload PDBs.  Check it out!

Driver Jobs: 4 Jobs Available For Driver Writers   Last Updated: 15-Aug-15

OSR Dev Blog posts are now being created and posted at http://www.osr.com/developers-blog/. Please check that location for future posts. We are listing the most recent posts from that site here, as a convenience. See the full list of our blog posts here.
Right Click Your DML!
You all know and love DML, those hyperlinks that show up in WinDbg output and Read more

Windows 10 WDK + Visual Studio 2015 Issues
Now that the WDK is tightly integrated with Visual Studio, an update to the WDK Read more

Questions and Answers: Windows 10 Driver Signing
Back in March we described the basic information about the changes to driver signing requirements for Windows Read more

Newbie Corner: Breaking Windows
One of my favorite parts of learning a new programming model is learning what happens Read more

Newbie Corner: The Newbie Gets a Taste of Architecture
A few weeks ago, I was in Virginia taking the Windows Internals and Software Drivers Read more

The NT Insider Digital Edition - July-August 2015 Now Available!

The NT Insider July-August 2015 The July-August 2015 issue of The NT Insider is available exclusively in PDF format for download. Click the image of The NT Insider to the left for the details, and the download link to use.

Articles include:

- Peter Pontificates: Windows 10 is Ruining My Life
- Driver Signing and Windows 10
- KDNET Debugging
- Windows 10 WDK and Visual Studio 2015
- More on Maintaining Valid Data Length
...and more!

The NT Insider is moving to OSR.COM!   Last Updated: 14-Aug-14
To make way for an all new and much improved community web site, the primary home page for The NT Insider has moved to a dedicated section on OSR's corporate web site at http://www.osr.com/nt-insider/. There, you'll find links to PDF versions of all recent issues of The NT Insider as well as HTML versions of recent articles.   Last Updated: 14-Aug-14

Driver Developer Help Forums (NTDEV, NTFSD, WINDBG)
What's going on in the community? Check out what people are talking about on the NTDEV, NTFSD, and WINDBG discussion forums.

Active for more than 20 years, these are the WDK forums for help with your Windows driver development or help with your file system filter driver projects. Unlike other online forums, you can participate via the web, via email, or even via news reader (if you remember what that is!). Ask a question, answer a question, or watch the discussion had by others. What are you waiting for... Click here to join the community now!

Mark Shnaider: RE: How can I get archive list about USB (3 msgs, last updated 8:26 ago)
Ladislav Zezula: Under what circumstances is there ACPI.sys in the disk stack? (2 msgs)
Anantha Krishnan: Unable to include an windows update to an offline instal.wim for 2008 R2 OS (2 msgs)
Tim Roberts: Re: How to disable the connection to USB port storage, network and other devices ? (1 msg)
pravin waghurde: Identify re- transmitted network packet in NDIS filter driver. (1 msg)
Mark Shnaider: RE:How to disable the connection to USB port storage, network and other devices ? (1 msg)
Lubo? Kresta: Possible causes for ERROR_NOT_ENOUGH_MEMORY (13 msgs, last updated 26 mins ago)
Peter Scott: Re[2]: Intercepting I/Os on CSV volumes (1 msg)
Sourabh Arvikar: Should i worry about Opportunistic Locks? (1 msg)
Ash: Testing for ExSRB (2 msgs)
Maverick: Intercepting I/Os on CSV volumes (3 msgs)
Ged Murphy: Hitting an oplock in Pre-Read (5 msgs)
Join the discussion!   Join the discussion!


Windows Internals and SW Drivers

Amherst, NH
21-25 Sept 2015

Writing WDF Drivers: Core Concepts

Amherst, NH
5-9 Oct 2015

Developing File Systems for Windows
Seattle, WA
20-23 Oct 2015

Writing WDF Drivers: Core Concepts

Palo Alto, CA
2-6 Nov 2015

Writing WDF Drivers: Core Concepts

Amherst, NH
2-6 Nov 2015

Kernel Debugging and Crash Analysis

Amherst, NH
9-13 Nov 2015

Writing WDF Drivers: Advanced Implementation Techniques

Amherst, NH
8-11 Dec 2015


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