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The NT Insider 1997 Archive

Rolling Your Own: Build IRPs to Perform I/O

Tools of the Trade: A Catalog of NT Synchronization Mechanisms

Update! Two New System Calls in NT 4.0 SP2!

What's in a Name? Cracking Rename Operations

Choose Your Weapon: Kernel Mode Debuggers - A Choice at Last

In My Space: Choosing the Correct HAL Function for Device Access

Life After Death? Understanding the Blue Screen

Secrets of the Universe Revealed! How NT Handles I/O Completion

Fundamentals: NT Driver Writing 101

A Chance to Prove It's Worth: The NT HAL

Stand Up and be Recognized: File System Recognizers

The Truth About Cancel: IRP Cancel Operations (Part I)

Loading DLLs for Graphics Drivers

Using the NT Registry for Driver Install

Writing Kernel Mode DLLs

NT 4.0 (SP3) Lookaside Lists Appear Broken

Kernel Debugging & Crash Analysis

Manchester, NH
30 July - 3 Aug 2018

Developing Filter Manager Minifilters

Manchester, NH
20-24 August 2018

Writing WDF Drivers I: Core Concepts

Santa Clara/San Jose, CA
10-14 Sept 2018

Writing WDF Drivers II: Advanced Implementation Techniques

Manchester, NH
16-19 October 2018


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