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The NT Insider 2005 Archive

Look Out for Vista -- Remember PoCallDriver and PoStartNextPowerlrp

Guest Article: Writing a File System Minifilter - Pitfalls, Hints and Tips

Master of the Obvious -- MDLs are Lists that Describe Memory

Pass the Data Please -- Getting Information from ISR to DPC

A Soft Life -- Implementing Software-Only Drivers Using KMDF

Proper Completion -- Resubmitting IRPs from within a Completion Routine

How to Get There from Here -- Redirecting Create Requests

Don't be Afraid to Commit -- The Transactional File System (TxFS) in Windows

WPP Tracing Part I -- Supporting Windows 2000 and Beyond

WPP Tracing Part II -- Coexisting Peacefully with WMILIB

Living in Harmony -- File System Filter-to-Filter Interaction

Guest Article -- An Exceptionally Trying Bug 

Meandering Through the Object Manager -- How to Get From Create to a Target Device Object

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